Staff Me Up verifies all of their job posters to ensure that our users are not contacted by scam artists or people in the business of fraud. In the event that someone offers you a job, and you are unsure of the legitimacy of the job, you can report it to us at

A few tips:

  • NEVER give out your bank information to anyone via e-mail

  • NEVER accept advance checks from companies you’ve applied to online. If they want you to pay for stuff in advance, ask them to call ahead and put it on their credit card.

  • Scammers will pose as a real company or person, and will direct you to a legit website. Their e-mail address never has the same domain as the legit web address; a letter may be omitted or added.

  • If a company offers direct deposit, you will receive a form in person on your start date; it will never be requested in advance via email.

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