Google (and other search engines) CANNOT see your contact information (even if you allow your email and phone number to be seen on your Staff Me Up profile). We HIDE all of this information from search engines. A link to your Profile Page may show up in a Google search, but only your credit list will be viewable to the general public. (And remember that if you click on the link in a search result, you're seeing the Profile page as a registered member, because you are logged in to Staff Me Up.)

You can “Hide” yourself from both search engines, and other users by clicking “Edit Settings” from the drop down menu provided by clicking your profile picture thumbnail located in the upper right hand corner of the page.  By making yourself “INVISIBLE” you will not show up in an Internet search, nor will other users be able to see your profile unless in your Network.

Please keep in mind that it could take Google up to 7 days to clear its cache so your name doesn’t come up, but in the meantime, if it does, when someone clicks on it they will not be able to see your Profile and will be redirected to our Home Page.

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